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Understanding Entrepreneurship

Course Overview

This training is dedicated to everyone who desires to know what it really takes to initiate and manage any type of business successfully. It covers an understanding of the entrepreneurial process through which ideas are evaluated, what makes entrepreneurs successful, distinguishing between business ideas and opportunities, writing and performing business plans, marketing plans, etc., obtaining finance for ventures, building a successful team and other exciting topics.

Entrepreneurship Training

Target Audience

Everyone interested in learning how to start and manage a business successfully.

Things you should know before registering for this course

1. basic literacy skills.

Learning Mode

Self-paced, Online and Distance Learning.

Additional Course Details

Duration: Approximately 100 hours or As determined by the learner.
Cost: FREE.

Other Considerations: CONTACT KRC ON 0803 209 6777 OR 0805 928 1013 FOR MORE INFORMATION.