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Photography practice & mgt.

Course Overview

This training is designed to expose learners to the rudiments, administrative, management and business aspects of the field of photography. Beyond hands-on skills about how to handle and operate a camera, you'll also learn how to set up and manage a successful photography business.

Photography Training

Target Audience

Anyone seeking to learn about photography in very practical terms and also to be able to setup and manage a successful photography business and would employ one or more photographers.

Things you should know before registering for this course

1. Basic computer skills and a working knowledge of basic computer software like Word, Excel, etc.
2. Ability to understand, comprehend and communicate in English Language.
3. It is recommended that learners come with their personal digital cameras not later than one month into the training

Course Contents (overview)

a. Introduction and overview of Photography
b. Digital photography concepts
c. Photography concepts - different types of camera, lighting, exposure, aperture and shutter speed
d. Lenses, composition & camera techniques (choosing the outcome of your photography),
e. Types of photography
f. Photography and professionalism
g. Structure and management
h. Project management in photography,
i. Understanding your customers, negotiating, contracts and agreements
j. Appraisal systems
k. Getting your first job, project, examinations and presentations
l. Other topics of interest.

Additional Course Details

Duration: 3 months.
Cost: NGN 60,000 (Sixty Thousand Naira) only - covers tuition and course materials only.
Other Considerations: 10% Discount for Early Registration. T & C's Apply.