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Creating responsive design templates with CSS Bootstrap

Course Overview

Bootstrap remains one of the most commonly used Frameworks for creating Professional Websites that display beautifully on different devices like laptops, desktops, phones, tablets and others. Bootstrap also incorporates icons and many other tools that save the Web Designer a lot of time and effort on the job. This training exposes you to all you need to know and do in order to start creating professional looking websites using Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Training

Target Audience

Website designers who want flexibility and ease of development through the use of centralized CSS, HTML and JQuery codes that can be adapted for most routine tasks. This skillset is one of the essential skills every web designer or web programmer should possess.

Things you should know before registering for this course

1. A working/practical understanding of Web Design technologies like HTML, CSS, JQuery, etc.

Course Contents

a. Grid systems and layout.
b. Typography
c. CSS classes
d. Responsive single-page design
e. Javascript components - dropdowns, modals, etc.
f. Integration & Hosting
g. Template design,
h. Other topics of interest.

Additional Course Details

Duration: 30 Hours ( Intensive ).
Cost: NGN 20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) only - covers tuition and course materials only.
Other Considerations: 10% Discount for Early Registration. T & C's Apply.