Course Overview

MATLAB is an acronym for Matrix Laboratory. It is a programming language / software for numerical computing, modelling, developing algorithms, simulations, data analysis, manipulating matrices and developing customized engineering applications and GUIs. With MATLAB you can comfortably visualize design models and systems. It is one of the trail blazing software for engineers and scientists.

MATLAB Training

Target Audience

Working professionals, undergraduates and everyone from the engineering, science and related disciplines.

Things you should know before registering for this course

1. Basic computer skills and a working knowledge of basic computer software like Word, Excel and more.
2. 200Level or higher academic qualification in your primary discipline.
3. Understanding of Engineering mathematics.
4. Basic computer programming skills.

Course Contents

a. Overview of MATLAB / Simulink
b. Data processing, modelling & Statistical Analysis { descriptive analysis, differential statistics, etc. }
c. Numeric & Engineering Computing { linear equations, polynomials, differential equations, etc. }
d. Programming fundamentals & Software Development with MATLAB { datatypes, classes, program control flow, functions, GUI's, etc.}
d. MATLAB Compiler, Query Builder, Intro. to Image Processing
e. Image Acquisition, Simulinks,
f. Artificial Intelligence,
g. Expert Systems,
h. Computational Biology, etc.
i. Other topics of Interest

Additional Course Details

Duration: 60 Hours for MATLAB Essentials
Cost: NGN 55,000 (Fifty Five Thousand Naira) only - covers tuition and course materials only. Advanced topics may require additional fees.
Other Considerations: 10% Discount for Early Registration. T & C's Apply.