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Structured Query Language

Course Overview

SQL is also known as Database programming. In this training, you'll learn how to "speak" the language of ALL relational databases like Access, Oracle, MySQL, etc. With SQL, you can create simple, complex and advanced queries, perform data analysis which is helpful for businesses or any environment where Data is essential for making intelligent decisions.

SQL Training

Target Audience

Intending Database Administrators, Data Analysts, Programmers and all other ICT Professionals who need to have better control over data access in their application area. People who intend working with or managing Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server or other Databases at a very advanced level.

Things you should know before registering for this course

1. Basic computer skills and a working knowledge of basic computer software like Word, Excel, etc.
2. A working knowledge of a database like Access is helpful but not absolutely required.

Course Contents

a. Overview of Databases
b. Creating simple queries with the SELECT statement
c. Renaming Columns
d. Adding, Modifying and Deleting Records
e. Creating Advanced Queries
f. Aggregate Functions
g. Table Joins
h. Creating and Dropping Database Objects
i. Creating Database Constraints
j. Other topics of interest.

Additional Course Details

Duration: 30 Hours ( Intensive ).
Cost: NGN 20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) only - covers tuition and course materials only.
Other Considerations: 10% Discount for Early Registration. You could also get this training FREE if you're registering for Oracle Database Admin. T & C's Apply.