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Oracle 12c Database Admin.

Course Overview

At the heart of virtually all ICT platforms is a database for storing records. In this training, you'll learn how to design, administer and maintain a database using one of the most robust commercial Databases in the world - Oracle 12c. Oracle Database is optimized to match the storage needs of all kinds of organizations. Indeed, this is one of the best ever Database Management software.

Oracle Database 12c

Target Audience

Everyone who is interested in knowing more about how to develop a system for storing records on the Computer using Oracle Database Management System. This course covers every aspect of a professional Database Administrators job specification. It also covers the whole process of Database Administration in-depth. Database Administrators, Data Analysts, Programmers, Software Developers and indeed other ICT Professionals who will certainly need to make use of a Database would find Oracle most helpful.

Things you should know before registering for this course

1. Basic computer skills and a working knowledge of basic computer software like Word, Excel, etc.
2. Prior knowledge of a different Database like Access could be helpful but it isn't necessary
3. Prior knowledge of SQL could also be helpful but it isn't necessary.

Course Contents

a. Overview of Databases
b. Overview of SQL { summary only }
c. Understanding the relational database model
d. Designing a Database / Entity Relationship models
e. Understanding the Oracle 12c Database Architecture
f. Understanding Oracle Memory Structures
g. Creating an Oracle Database
h. Oracle Networking 
i. Oracle Database Storage structures
j. Troubleshooting Oracle, Concurrency in Databases
k. Performance Tuning, Security & Auditing
l. Database Maintenance
m. Backup, Recovery & Restore
n. Pluggable Databases and other topics of interest

Additional Course Details

Duration: 54 Hours ( Intensive ).
Cost: NGN 35,000 (Thirty Five Thousand Naira) only - covers tuition and course materials only.
Other Considerations: If you're registering for this course, you could get either SQL or Microsoft Access FREE. T & C's Apply.