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General computing courses cover Digital Literacy I & II which are perfect for people completely new to computers or who haven't had any formal training on working with a computer systems and peripherals like printers, scanners, projectors, etc. We have only recently added Data Analysis using Excel and Graphics & designs to this category of courses.

In this category we have courses that are targeted at enhancing your skill-set as a professional in your respective discipline or career. Without adequate ICT skills, you may still appear an illiterate regardless of your qualifications. We strongly encourage students, undergraduates, job seekers and those in paid employment to enhance their career and professional competence with these courses.

Courses in this category are for people interested in understanding more about how to design, administer and manage a database using different database management systems like Access, Oracle, MySQL, etc. Also in this category is Structured Query Language (SQL) which is the language of all relational databases. Computerized Databases have already become the standard for storing and accessing records in all facets of life. Nearly all ICT Solutions rely on a Database for storing and retrieving Data.

The courses under this group are designed for the typically tech-savvy guy or lady who needs to acquire the rudimentary skills for delving into the world of computers, phones and other ICT hardware and also how to link these gadgets on a Computer Network. These entry-level skills are also essential for those aspiring for the telecommunications industry.

Its no longer news that the Internet is affecting everything we do today. This exciting course provides you with basic and advanced skills for designing and hosting a variety of standard and professional looking websites using a variety of technologies and tools. You'll also learn how to create professional looking Animations, Embed Multimedia (sound and videos), Web Hosting techniques in addition to other non-technical aspects of the job like understanding your client needs, design principles, page layout, site usability among others. Yes, you can improve your IT awareness and skills by learning Courses under this category.

Without programmers, there wouldn't any such thing as the ICT industry. Programmers are professionals committed to creating the solutions that solve problems for all other professionals within and outside the ICT industry. The courses in this category expose you to exactly how you can create different types of software applications using a wide range of technologies;

GIS is a truly multi-disciplinary field of learning that is used to solve many problems in different fields of human endeavor. Among other things, GIS helps you create location-based solutions by analyzing spatial data from satellite imagery, maps and other sources that provide data on any location on Earth's surface. This section gives you more information on all the available GIS courses.

One of the ways to demonstrate competence, ability and capabilities in any profession, especially in ICT is through specialization. Courses under this category have been specially developed for people who would like to be thoroughly mentored by working professionals in specific area(s) of ICT, for a period of nine (9) months. Through the training and mentoring received, course participants shall also acquire skills that would empower them to become self-employed within their chose area(s) of expertise.