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There seem to be a sharp disconnect between the academic environment that produces "graduates" and the real work environment where these "graduates" are expected to perform. This, we have observed in our interaction with many graduates of tertiary and other institutions of learning. In our interaction with many business owners/managers, we also feel their frustrations at having to spend so much time to train and expose a graduate before they really start delivering results at work.

The missing link in the above situations remains the inadequacy of practical/problem solving skills. It is this lack of technical and non-technical/problem solving skills among others, that makes profitable paid or self employment a lot more difficult to come by for most people.

For those who have gained years of exposure / work experience from years of paid employment or through managing a business, taking things to the next level of performance requires new skills-sets. Isn't it pure madness trying to solve today and tomorrow's problems with just yesterday's knowledge alone. The maxim, "...learning never ends!" is a must obey for everyone who would love to remain relevant in today's knowledge and idea-driven world.

After all has been done and acquired, what makes a person educated and valuable is not how many certificates they hold but their capacity to solve problems, understand and relate with life issues among others.


KRC remains committed to helping society by bridging the skills gap in every way possible. We are an independent / dedicated training and professional services company committed to developing Nigeria's most valuable resources - the people, that includes You!

We have a team of practicing experts from different subject areas who consistently impart skills, share knowledge, inspire excellence and above all, develop human capital. Today's technology and management-driven society places more demand on people who can truly solve problems. It's no longer just about your academic qualification as much as your capacity to solve problems. This is why our mission remains helping to bridge the skills-gap in our society. We also help people find avenues to put their skills to work. KRC also provides professional services and solutions in the areas of ICT, GIS, Project Management and Soft Skills.

One of our guiding philosophies is that the more problems a person is able to solve, the better their value to society. Let's help develop your intellectual and interpersonal capacity today.